About Us

Human Kapital is one of the leading consulting companies of its sector which gives selection and placement services for the positions of qualified personnel, mid-level and senior managerial positions with its experienced staff in various fields. 

Human Kapital which was founded in May 2005 and which provides services all over Turkey as a headhunter company, works with high brand value domestic and foreign-capitalized companies.  

The most important feature of Human Kapitalis to have a strong candidate database, wide network range, technological infrastructure and to analyze the profiles of the companies and candidates correctly, hence to start to present the reports of the most eligible candidates to the customers within 3 days. 

Human Kapital is a consulting company which has ethics and attaches importance to customer and candidate relations. It is well aware of the difficulty and the importance of finding qualified personnel and recruiting them. Because of this reason, it always focuses on the conformity degree of the customer expectations with the competencies of the candidates.  

Human Kapital conducts competency based interviews with the candidates and analyzes the weak points of them for their careers. Human Kapital always stands by the candidates like a career consultant during their job seeking periods. 

Human Kapital has had good innings in the key personnel recruitment projects of many foreign companies which made new investments. 78% of its customers are foreign-capitalized global companies, while 22% are institutional domestic companies. 

Some sectors that we provide service to:Domestic appliance, Automotive, Machine Production, Petrochemical, Metal, Packaging, Isolation, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Plastic, Energy, Textile, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Construction, Electronic, Logistic, Food, Glass, Food Packaging, Furniture.   

The success begins with the right choice.

Best Regards,
Cengiz Karaman
Human Kapital – Founder General Manager



Firm Address : Büyükşehir Mahallesi Cumhuriyet Caddesi Ekinoks Residans E 2 Blok No:1 Kat 7 Ofis No:42 BEYLİKDÜZÜ-İSTANBUL

 Telefon : 0 (212) 853 63 32

  Email ; cengiz@humankapital.com.tr

Şube Address: Kazımiye Mahallesi Aşık Veysel Sok. Doğan Apt. Kat 1 D.5 No:22 ÇORLU-TEKİRDAĞ

 Telefon : 0.282 654 28 05

  Email ; cengiz@humankapital.com.tr