How to write a successful CV?

How to write a successful CV? 
The most effective ways to publicize yourself; are the curriculum vitae belonging to you and your manners in the interview. Hence you have to focus on your concrete successes both in your curriculum vitae and the interview. Your curriculum vitae must be at most 2 pages. 

  1. Your contact information should always be accessible.
  2. It will be better to state your education information and the levels of your foreign languages.
  3. You should indicate the name of the company, the sector, products, number of employees, whether the company is foreign or domestic, your position and the date of commencement and termination of employment in the form of day and year.
  4. The projects that you took part in and your concrete successes should be stated briefly.
  5. You can state that the information regarding the references will be given if requested.
  6. It will be better to list your job experiences starting from the present day to the earlier times 

Why is a job advertisement more important? 

Job advertisements are the texts in which the expectations of the employers from the candidates are stated. Hence applying for the position without reading and analyzing these texts, is not a preferable way. 

  1. If you are 60% or more qualified for the requirements and the job description stated in the job advertisement, then you can apply for the mentioned job.
  2. The advertisement includes important messages both for the companies and the candidates. Analyzing such messages can be beneficial for you.
  3. If the name of the company is stated explicitly, then we recommend you to examine the company first and then to apply for the job.
  4. While applying for the job, please do not forget that a cover letter which will summarize why this job is suitable for you in a short paragraph will attract the attentions of the employers.

What should I do before the interview?

When you are invited for an interview by the company, it is important to be prepared for the process. The evaluation stages of the companies, in fact start with scheduling the appointments. 

  1. You will leave a positive impression by meeting the requirements of the companies such as filling the forms and etc.
  2. You have to make a preparation by reading the advertisement carefully and examining the web site of the company.
  3. It will be better to make a research about the subjects such as products, customers, suppliers of the company.
  4. Take this suggestion into consideration as the companies will prefer to work with the candidates who make such researches.
  5. You can prepare a file containing documents summarizing your concrete successes and can use this file at the interview stage.
  6. You have to review the information contained in your curriculum vitae which you submitted to the company.
  7. You can make a research about the interviewers by the help of social media.
  8. Sleep early in the night before the interview date.
  9. Wear the clothes in which you will feel comfortable for the interview and prevent exaggeration.