How do we support our customers?

Human Kapital; gives candidate selection and placement services 
all over Turkey. The company presents flash candidates to you, in the city wherever your company is. In addition, it supports you with strong candidates who are open to location changes.  
How do we support our customers?
Human Kapital receives the details of the vacant position with the personnel request form sent by its customers or by the companies which will cooperate for the first time. If needed, it visits the requesting company in order to analyze the profile of the vacant position. During this period, it supports the customer in determining the market salaries and competency of the position. 
We present candidates who conform to the culture of your company.
Human Kapital works with experienced consultants in the field in which the recruitment will be realized. It holds competency-based interviews with the candidates and focuses on the concrete successes of the candidates. It presents candidates who conform to the culture of the customer. 
We present flash candidates.
Human Kapital developed a 
“Flash Candidates” system for the requests of its customers regarding qualified personnel, senior and mid-level managerial positions. Human Kapital starts to present the flash candidates to its customers within 3 days following the request. It generates fast solutions because of its strong candidate database, wide network range and its technological infrastructure.
We are shortening your candidate evaluation processes.
Human Kapital developed some ways and methods which will enable you to carry out candidate evaluation processes in a short time. By the help of these methods, it lets you easily see the differences between the candidates, the reports of which were presented. 
We guarantee employment for a certain period. 
Human Kapital guarantees the employment of the candidate which it presents to its customer for a certain period.   
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Machine Production
Electric & Electronic
Isolation-Construction Chemicals
Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
Food Packaging
Energy Furniture
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