How do we support our candidates?


How do we support our candidates?
Human Kapital makes you feel that it is always with you in every stage of the recruitment period. It assesses you precisely as if it is your personal career consultant. It not only holds an interview with you, but also makes recommendations about your features which are to be improved. While introducing you to the customer, it underlines your strong features and attracts the interest of the customer and hence makes the customer want to meet you.

As Human Kapital analyzes the customer, the profile of the position and the candidate;it does not make job proposal which are risky for you or not suitable for your career. 

Why should you choose Human Kapital?

Taking part in the candidate database of Human Kapital, makes you gain an important advantage during the job seeking period. 78% of its customers are foreign-capitalized global companies, while 22% are institutional domestic companies. In order to work for the company in your thoughts, first of all you have to meet them. Human Kapital offers you job opportunities just at this stage. 

Human Kapital attaches great importance to the confidentiality of the candidate information.  

HUMAN KAPiTAL handles the recruitment process in strict confidence. Your CV submitted to Human Kapital and your interview reports are strictly kept confidential and are not presented to any company without your permission. In case of a new job opportunity, our recruitment consultants call and inform you about the position and the company, before presenting your interview reports to the customer. In the case of your approval, your interview report is presented; otherwise it is kept in our database.  

Human Kapital gives a feedback to the candidates.

The most significant feature of Human Kapital is its strong technological infrastructure, being accessible and giving fast and transparent feedbacks. We handle this process together with our candidates. 

Human Kapital informs the candidates about new job opportunities.
Human Kapital always informs you about new job opportunities which are suitable for you after carrying out an interview with you once.

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