Our Search & Selection Processes

 REQUEST FORM (ERF): The process starts with the receipt of the personnel request form from the customer and analyzing the position and the customer for the selection of the ideal candidate for the position. 

Analyzing the Customer Company: A brief company profile (the address of the web site, manufactured products, customers, competitors, suppliers, quality certificates possessed, Enterprise Resource Planning and Material Requirements Planning programs used, projects)

 Analyzing the Position: The role of the position in the organization (Title of the position, the department in which the candidate will work, the position to which the candidate will report, work place) 
  • Determining the required qualifications (Education, work experience, foreign languages and levels, computer knowledge, age, military service)
  • Job Description (Job description of the position and the obligations)
  • Competencies (Managerial knowledge and skills expected from the position)
  • Expectations from the position
  • Information regarding the wage and working conditions 

RESEARCH: HUMAN KAPiTAL prefers to use the below mentioned resources in order to find the eligible candidates as soon as possible in the recruitment projects of its customers. 
·         HUMAN KAPiTAL Flash Candidates Database
·         Network
·         Headhunting method
·         Our job advertisements published in our human resources web site at www.kariyerzirvesi.com
·         Job advertisements published in other career web sites. 
INTERVIEW: In order to present the ideal candidates to the customer, HUMAN KAPiTAL first negotiates with the candidates on the telephone and then carries out a face to face interview. 

Negotiation on the Telephone: Human Kapital calls the candidates and questions if the candidates are suitable for the position and the company. If the result is positive, then an appointment is made. 

Face to Face Interview:
 During the face to face interview, the competencies of the candidate are analyzed and education, work life and the projects he/she carried out are evaluated precisely. Language proficiency tests and interviews in English are carried out for the positions which require foreign language knowledge. After the interview, the competencies of the candidate and his/her character type are scored by HUMAN KAPiTAL’s own methods. Then the candidates to be presented to the customer are short-listed and the report of the interview is sent to the representative of the customer company via e-mail. 
SELECTIONGiving appointments to the candidates who are deemed to be eligible by the customer and organizing the interviews. If required by the customer, letting the candidates take character inventory tests and sharing the results with the customer. 
PLACEMENT: If required by the customer, carrying out the reference control for the candidate to who a job offer will be made. Also if required by the customer, making a job offer to the candidate and sharing the list of the documents needed for the commencement of employment with the candidate who accepted the job offer. 
RESPONDENCY: Sending the results of the application evaluations to other candidates and thanking them.
Domestic appliance
Machine Production
Electric & Electronic
Isolation-Construction Chemicals
Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
Food Packaging
Energy Furniture
Textile  Cable