Placement Positions
Top-Managerial Positions
Managing Director
Deputy Director General 
Factory Manager
Operation Manager
Country Manager
Information Technologies
IT Solution Manager
IT Manager
Software Manager
Information Technologies Supervisor
SAP Consultant
Data Processing Process Specialist
IT Specialist
Software Specialist
Computer Engineer
IT Technician 
Human Resources / Administrative Affairs 
Human Resources Director
Human Resources Manager 
Human Resources Supervisor
Recruitment Supervisor
Administrative Affairs Manager 
Administrative Affairs Supervisor 
Personnel Cheif (  Personnel Affairs)
Salary and Fringe Benefit Specialist-Supervisor
Recruitment Specialist 
Human Resources Specialist
Personnel Affairs Specialist
Recruitment Asisstant Specialist
Human Resources Officer
Sales and Marketing 
Sales Director 
Sales and Marketing Director
Sales and Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager
Overseas Sales Manager
Domestic Sales Manager
Commercial Manager 
Marketing and Sales Supervisor
After Sales Service Supervisor-Manager
Spare Parts Sales Supervisor
Marketing Executive (Specialist-Supervisor)
Marketing ve Sales Specialist
Customer Representative 
Sales Specialist 
Sales Engineer
Sales Officer
Product and Brand Management
Product Manager
Product Management Specialist-Supervisor
Product Engineer - Specialist
Technical Applications Specialist (Construction Chemical) 
Business Development 
Business Development Manager
Business Development Engineer- Specialist
Project Management
Project Manager
Project Supervisor
Project and Sales Specialist (Engineer)
Project Engineer
Project Asisstant
Electronic Commerce
E-commerce Manager
Virtual Shop Manager
Corporate Communication 
Corporate Communication Supervisor -Manager
Corporate Communication Specialist
Foreign Relations Officer
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Service(s) Manager
Customer Service(s) Specialist
Sales Support Specialist
Call Center Specialist
Import and Export Operations
Import and Export Operations Supervisor
Import and Export Operations Specialist
Foreign Trade Specialist 
Import and Export Operations Officer
Controlling / Budgeting and Reporting
Budget Control Manager
Financial Kontroller
Budget and Control Supervisor
Budget and Contol Specialist
Financial Affairs (Finance-Accounting)
Financial Director
Finance and Accounting Manager
Finance Manager
Category Manager
Cost Accounting Supervisor - Manager
Finance and Accounting Supervisor
Accounting Supervisor
Sales Finance Manager
Cost Accounting Specialist
Finance and Accounting Specialist
Credit Kontoller
Finance and Accounting Personnel
Accounting Officer
Supply Chain Management (Purchase-Planning-Logistics-Warehouse)
Supply Chain Management Manager
Logistics and Planning Manager
Purchasing Manager
Supply Chain Prosess Development Supervisor- Manager
Logistics Manager
Production Planning Manager
Outbound Logistics Manager
Inbound Logistics Manager
Warehouse Manager
Logistics Sales Manager
Purchasing Supervisor
Order Management Supervisor
Metarial Planning Supervisor
Production Planning Supervisor
Storehouse Supervisor
Logistics Supervisor
Planning Specialist (non- textile)
Logistics Sales Specialist
Logistics Specialist
Purchasing Specialist
Shift Logistics Supervisor
Planning Specialist- Textile
Procurement Specialist
Supplier Development Specialist
Metarial Planning Engineer - Specialist
Production Planning Enginner- Specialist
Purchasing Reporting Specialist
Purchasing Engineer
Process Purchasing Engineer
Technical Planning Engineer
Supplier Quality Engineer
Storehouse Engineer
Logistics Personnel
Logistics Officer
Planning Officer
Purchasing Officer
Storehouse Technician
Factory Manager
Production Manager
Business Manager (non- Textile)
Production Supervisor
Production Supervisor- Manager (Medicine)
Product Process Technology Manager
Production Engineer
Production Engineer (Textile)
Process Engineer
Process Security Engineer
Shift Engineer
Application Engineer
Production Technician
Product Technician - Textile
Lean Manufacturing & Development Method
Lean Manufacturing Coordinator
Performance Manager (FMCG - GSM)
Method and Process Development Supervisor
Method Engineer
Tecnical Consultant
Industrial Engineer
Industrialize Engineer (Other)
Industrialize Engineer (Textile)
Quality Assurance / Quality Control Management
Quality Manager
Quality Control Manager
Quality Supervisor (Food)
Quality Supervisor - Manager
Quality Control Supervisor
Supplier Development Engineer
Quality Engineer
Quality Technician
Laboratory Management
Laboratory Manager
Laboratory Supervisor
Laboratory Engineer
Laboratory Test Engineer
Test Engineer
Laboratory Technician
Test Technician
R & D / Research and Development
R & D Manager
R & D Supervisor
R & D Specialist
R & D Project Specialist
R & D Engineer
R & D Personnel
P & D (Product Development)
Product Development Manager - Director
Product Development Manager
Product Development (design) Specialist - Supervisor
Product Development Engineer
Engineering Manager
Patent Expert
Mechanical Design Engineer
Electrical and Electronıcs Design Engineer
Maintenance (Mechanical & Electrical & Automation)
Technical Maintenance Manager
Maintenance Supervisor
Instrumentation Engıneer - Supervisor
Power Plant
Technical Services Supervisor
TPM Engineer
Tecnical Services Specialist
Maintenance Engineer (Electrical And Electronics Engıneers)
Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical Engineers)
Co- Generation Technician
Electrical Maintenance Technician
Mechanical Maintenance Technician
HSE (Health-Safety-Environment)
Environmental and Safety Supervisor - Manager
Environmental and Safety Specialist
Environmental Engineer
Internal Audit 
Internal Audit Manager
Internal Audit Specialist
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Switchboard Operator
Clinical Research Manager
Formulation Development Specialist
Licensing and Public Relations Officer
Contracted Sales Supervisor (Drug)
Pharmaceutical Technology Specialist (Medicine)
R & D Supervisor
R & D Specialist
Analytical Specialist
Documentation Specialist
Microbiology Specialist
Validation Specialist
Tooling Management/ Molding Room Management
Molding Room Manager
Molding Room Supervisor
Molding Room Engineer
Mold Technician
Textile Technical Sections
Business Manager-Textile
Fabrics and Accessories Manager
Press Manager
Formal Manager
Finishing Manager/ Dressing Manager
Dye works Operations Manager
Denim Wash (Finishing) Manager
Planting Production Manager
Weave Manager - Supervisor
Fit Manager
Modelshop Manager
Denim Wash Supervisor
Dye works Supervisor
Operations Supervisor (Textiles)
Dye Operations Supervisor
Modelshop Specialist (Supervisor)
Senior Chemicals Researcher 
Sample Manager-Textile
Customer Representative-Textile
Finishing Supervisor
Dye Works Technician
Denim Wash Engineer
Designer and Design Supervisor - Specialist
Planting Engineer
Textile Engineer
Dornier formen
Contract Tracking Manager-Textile
Operations Engineer (Textiles)
Knitting Master Settings
Formal Maintenance Technician
Formal Business Technician
Construction Project Manager
Landscape architect
Technical Office Manager (Construction)
Cost Control Specialist (Civil Engineering)
Construction Engineer
Construction Technician