We offer Flash Candidates

Are you seeking Flash Candidate? 
Would you like to work with Human Kapital?

If you are going to work with us for the first time, we can take the steps of our long term cooperation together. Human Kapital improved a “Flash Candidates” system for the requirements of their customers regarding qualified personnel, senior and mid-level managerial positions. A brief explanation about the process is as follows:

  1. It will be sufficient to send an email including the titles of the vacant positions to cengiz@humankapital.com.tr
  2. After receiving your request, our recruitment consultants will send you the personnel request form as soon as possible to be filled by you regarding the vacant positions.
  3. After filling and sending the personnel request form to us, the qualifications of the position, the role of the position within the organization, wage and vested benefits, competencies and your expectations are analyzed together.
  4. Later on, our offer and draft agreement are submitted to you for your assessment. The agreement is negotiated together and signed mutually.
  5. Our recruitment consultants can pay a visit to your company in order to examine the culture of your company and processes.
  6. Our recruitment consultant starts to present flash candidates within 3 days.
  7. Our consultant organizes interviews regarding all the candidates that you will negotiate with, during the recruitment period.
  • Provide the company expectation at the rate of % 90
  • High interview score
  • Fluent English
  • Successful education life
  • Strong competencies and having sector experience
  • Made reference control 
  • Supported with Personality Inventory test
  • Appropriated your company culture
  • We present candidates that will be high value added to your company