The third interview
The third interview is generally held in order to determine the candidates to which the job will be offered.
So it is important to make a preliminary preparation for every interview. Job offer is made to the candidates who are willing to work, have suitable characters for the culture of the company and who leave positive impressions. If the offer does not meet your expectations, then before refusing the offer immediately, you can ask for 2 days in order to make a decision.
The situations which will make you lose points in the interview. 
  1. Being late for the interview.
  2. Speaking badly about the previous employers.
  3. Keeping the mobile phone switched on.
  4. Being highly money and career minded.
  5. Not being prepared for the interview.
  6. Not being flexible about travelling and changing the location.
  7. Giving detailed answers unnecessarily to the questions asked during the interview.
  8. Being aggressive and prejudicial.
  9. Failing to act kindly.