What should I do during the interview?
What should I do during the interview?
The first impression is very important. Be good-humored and energetic. The interviewers will first assess your body language and character type. You have to manage this stage perfectly.     
  1. It is always important to be frank, good-humored and honest during the interview.
  2. Your desire for the job is one of the important factors which will make you come into prominence.
  3. You have to prevent exaggerated, unrealistic expressions.
  4. Asking some questions about the company, the role of the position in the organization, expectations from the position, the targets of the company in the near future, before the interview can attract the attentions of the interviewers.
  5. The companies focus on your character type and the way how you manage the relations. Thus, it will be beneficial to talk about the previous projects in which you played roles and the processes that you improved.
  6. Do not prefer to drink anything during the interview. Just focus on the interview.
  7. While the interviewer is talking, do not interrupt as he/she will give beneficial information for you.
  8. The reasons of your termination of work and searching for a new job must be objective and clear.
  9. You have to state the reasons about why you preferred this position and this company explicitly.
  10. Do not ever forget that the interview is the stage that will convince the opposite side.
  11. In the case that the interviewers ask you the amount of wage that you demand, you can say that if they choose you, you would prefer to hear their offer for this position. If they insist on hearing your demand, then you can give a wage range which conforms to your expectations. If you are not a shoo-in for the position, your demand of high wage can be a reason for your ineligibility.
  12. If you want the position and also to take part in the company very much, then making the interviewers understand the importance of this position for you, can create a positive impression.
  13. During the interview, you have to analyze thoroughly the other contributions of this position to your future career, besides the wage and the company.
  14. At the end of the interview, thank all the interviewers.
  15. When you get home after the interview, make a note of the questions and the issues that the interviewers focused on. This can contribute you much for other processes. 
The following questions can be asked in the first interview.     
  1. What kind of candidates are preferred to be recruited in your company?
  2. What kind of projects take place in the agenda of your company this year?
  3. Who are your customers, competitors and suppliers?
  4. Can you give me information about the role of this position in the company?
  5. What should a candidate like me do in order to be accepted to work for your company?
  6. In what kind of projects this position can take part?
  7. Do you give a feedback after the interview even if the result is negative?
  8. If everything goes well, can you inform me about the process after this stage?
  9. Do you have any questions that you want me to answer regarding me?
  10. Can you suggest me which skills of mine I have to improve?  
 What should I do after the interview?
After the interview, forget all about this interview and search for new opportunities and try to keep all possibilities in hand. If the company wants to work with you, then they will call. Your insistent e-mails and telephone calls will have no effect on their choice. But in order to show your interest, you can send an e-mail or can call the company once.